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  • Meaghan, Ken and Ellen. , Australia , 10 years ago

    I would like to thank Ben so very much for his exceptionally professional car and driver service. I travelled to Chiang Mai with my parents, and in one day, we managed to see so many wonderful things in luxury! Much more personal than jumping on a tour bus and also a better choice financially. Ben always had cold water and a cold face towel available for us after we wondered around in the May heat, the car was very luxurious - comfortable with great air conditioning, and Ben was excellent in replying to emails and helping us make an itinerary that suited us and fitted everything in without feeling rushed! We highly recommend the Tuesday Markets in Chiang Dao to see local people from the hill tribes going about their normal day. All in all, Ben was exceptionally easy to communicate with, and by the end of the day, I felt like we had become friends! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ben and will be sure to post on Trip Advisor. Hope to see you again Ben - big thanks to Pon also
  • Kristine , Paris , 10 years ago

    It is with great pleasure that I recommend Ben. He is a fine professional with excellent sense of customer service, and a very friendly person as well. I spent only one day in Chiang Mai, but thanks to Ben I managed to visit lots of interesting sites. He is not only a good and safe driver, but also a wonderful guide. The car is comfortable and very clean. I am so glad I found this website before leaving for Thailand!
  • James + Ffion , England , 10 years ago

    We hired Ben for a day to take us to some of the sights around Chiang Mai. We had a great time on our trip and Ben played a huge part in making sure that our trip ran smoothly and was enjoyable. The reasons why we recommend using Ben as a guide. The car: Immaculately clean with aircon, water and fresh towels also offered. Safe: Ben's driving was ALWAYS safe and never did we feel uneasy which is unsual in Thailand as you normally have to grip the seat as you are travelling. Punctuality: I will be at your hotel at 9am. 9am Ben turns up. You have 1 hr at this location i will meet you at 12.30, 1230 comes and Ben is there. It is very re-assuring and once again slightly unusual for somebody to be so punctual. Price: I am not sure that you can critise the price of any of his trips. Certainly value for money. Finally Ben: A thoroughly lovely guy who makes you feel at ease and smile within the first moment. His English is also excelent. We would certainly recommend using Ben as a guide and if we ever came back to Chiang Mai would certainly use him again.
  • Bernard Lim , Singapore , 10 years ago

    I made my third trip to Chiang Mai in December last year. Ben was my natural and first choice for a driver and tour service. I had used his services extensively on my first two trips and they had been wonderful. This time was no exception. Ben introduced me to a local postal agency which provided shipping services at reasonable rates, and with a choice of delivery speed. It was great! This meant I could shop and send boxes back home without having to pay hefty excess baggage charges at the airport. Once again, thank you, Ben. See you again on my future visits!
  • Berry & Robin , Atlanta, Ga , 10 years ago

    Highly recommended. Ben was excellent. He took us to places we never would have found on our own and places that he thought would be of interest to us. The Queens Rose Garden was beautiful and the underground caves were most interesting. Ben was extremely polite and accommodating. He took us to a wonderful restaurant on a quite lake one day and to a local place another that was very good. He even made our dinner reservations one night at The Good View restaurant and got us the best table in the house overlooking the river. Ben really made our visit to Chiang Mai memorable and enjoyable. Thanks Ben!
  • Jonh & Steve , San Francisco. USA , 10 years ago

    Just back from my first trip to Thailand. Had an amazing time! Found Ben's taxi service online and booked 2 day trips out of Chiang Mai. We saw so many beautiful spots with him and fulfilled my partner's only request for the whole trip-to ride an elephant on his birthday. Ben is kind, thoughtful; his car is clean,comfortable. The cost was quite reasonable. We would definitely recommend Ben's service to anyone who wanted to see northern Thailand and beyond.
  • Nic & Jas , S'PORE , 10 years ago

    Thank you Ben.
  • Nic & Jas , S'PORE , 10 years ago

    Its our 2nd trip to Chiangmai this Jan 15 to 20th. Had Ben as our guide for 3 days from 16 to 18 Jan 2012. Great service with a ready smile on every occasion. We were really happy with his recommandation of places like Doi Pui, Bhuping Palace (which wasn't on our original itinerary), scenic view of Thai Sakura Blossom & some local eateries serving authentic thai cuisine @ reasonable prices. He takes much effort to make sure he is always around whenever we needed him, acting as a translator from time to time as we don't speak thai and he spoke pretty good english I must say! Thank you Kun Ben for your professionalism. Can't wait till next winter so that we could go to Doi Pui for its Kao Man Kai (chicken rice) & Pork Leg rice Kun Ben had!
  • Noa Shualy , 10 years ago

    We are a family with 2 children. We had a trip to the North with Ben for 3 days. Ben is a charming, responsible, honest man. He organized a great tour for us. Remember it forever. We recommend Ben warmly.
  • Geoff Annabel , Sydney, Australia , 10 years ago

    I used Ben for 3 full days, one half day and one nightlife tour in December 2011. Ben was courteous, punctual, and knowledgeable about local attractions and also a very safe driver. My time in Chiang Mai and surrounding areas was made even better using Benโ€™s driving skills. I highly recommend Ben to anybody wanting a AAA standard driver.
  • Wim and Caroline Vlot , Zeeland, the Netherlands , 10 years ago

    We highly enjoyed the various trips we have made with Mr. Ben in the surroundings of Chiang Mai in November, 2011. Mr. Ben is a correct, pleasant driver who drives in a secure way. He has a transparent way of making appointments and we always started our trips at the agreed time. He also shows initiative by mentioning remarkable, non-touristic spots during a trip. We have had great pleasure in exploring a little part of Thailand together with Mr. Ben.
  • Rickard Andersson , sweden , 11 years ago

    We hired Ben for 2 days in october. Ben was a good and safe driver and he is very friendly. We travelled with 2 small kids and they also liked Ben a lot. It was a very good atmoshpere the whole time and we had many laughs. His car is very comfortable and well maintained. Ben really wants the tours to be the way the customers want it. I can highly recommend him and I hope I get back to Chiang Mai again cause it is the best part of Thailand for a tourist!
  • Mr. Ryan , Melbourne, Australia , 11 years ago

    My girlfriend and I hired Ben to drive us around for 2 days in September 2011. I have to say that his charm, humour, local knowledge and service focus were all outstanding. He tailor made our package to suit our needs and was always so polite and cheerful. We will be definitely recommending his services to people back in Australia and look forward to seeing him again next time we are in Chiang Mai. Khob Kun Krub Ben :D
  • Ronen , 11 years ago

    We hired Ben for 4 day in August, He was wonderful, great driver, a real gentleman with great knowledge of Chaing Mai area,the kids realy liked him. Thank you Ben for a lovely holliday.
  • Jean , South Australia , 11 years ago

    Our short holiday visit to Chiang Mai last June included two enjoyable days of being very capably chauffeured by Ben in his comfortable SUV. He has excellent knowledge of the city's attractions and interesting cultural places in the surrounding region. Ben's cheerful and friendly nature, and his eagerness to please, contributed much to the good time and memories we have of our stay in Chiang Mai.